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Attached (below) is a Refusal Form which can be printed out, signed and submitted to your school principal's office.  Parents may OPT OUT or REFUSE to allow their child to take the SMARTER BALANCED ASSESSMENTS which will be given starting in the Spring of 2015.

Parents may OPT OUT their child from any assessment or survey. Simply adjust the form.




I, _______________________________________________________, am indicating to school

       (Parent / Guardian name)


administration that my son/daughter, ______________________________________________,

                                                                                        (Child’s name)


In grade _________ is refusing to participate in the administration of the Grade 3-8 and 11


Smarter Balanced Assessment.


I understand that if my child is in school during the testing days, they will be brought to an alternate location with supervision for the duration of the testing period.  No alternate assignment will be provided.  Students should bring a book to sit and read during that time.


Parent / Guardian Signature __________________________________Date _________________


Please return the signed form to the appropriate school’s Main Office.  Thank you.


Why would parents want to OPT OUT?


In the Spring of 2015 New Hampshire public schools will administer the Smarter Balanced Assessments to students in grades 3 – 8 and grade 11. 

Parents may OPT OUT or REFUSE to allow their children to take this assessment and there are many good reasons WHY A PARENT SHOULD OPT OUT:

·      Behavioral Assessment:  Smarter Balanced Assessments include psychological questions, which measure student’s disposition -- his values, attitudes and beliefs, not just his academic abilities.

·      Privacy Concerns: Smarter Balanced Assessments are online assessments that send private student information and answers directly to the SBA Consortia and then to the US Department of Education.  There is no timeline established to erase any of this private student information, which may then be shared and sold for research or marketing to corporations -- without parental consent.

·      Adaptive Assessments:  No two assessments are alike because the test adapts to the individual strength or weakness of each student.  Practically speaking, it’s impossible to compare scores when all students are taking different assessments.

·      Secrecy:  Students and teachers are asked to sign a confidentiality statement, promising not to talk about or share any assessment information.  Parents have not been allowed to review and inspect these assessments in violation of federal law.

Click on attached file below for a printable form:

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