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New Hampshire Politics - history of NH education laws and Claremont decision


Organizations in New Hampshire:

Citizens for Sensible Legislation

Coalition of NH Taxpayers  

Cornerstone Policy Research

Legalize Homeschooling - NH Homeschool Defense League

New Hampshire Liberty Alliance - non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in NH      

New Hampshire Parents First - restoring parental rights in education in NH                   

Republican Liberty Caucus of NH


National Organizations:

National Home Education Legal Defense



HB 1580

           bill restoring a parent's right to instruct their own child

           podcasts located on CHENH website:

              HB 1580  Vote  

              HB 1580  House Education Committee Executive Session 

              HB 1580 House Education Committee Sub-committee

              HB 1580 Public Hearing

           by Jeff Riggenbach at Ludwig von Mises Institute  

Video Clips:

NHFFE discusses student privacy issues involved in SB 503

  • NH Families for Education appeared on NH Capitol Access, a local cable access show. We discussed NHFFE and SB 503, the bill that seeks to expand the Unique Pupil Identified database.

Bumbling bureaucrats attack successful homeschoolers. Liberty


  • ForMyLibertyNH video of the Ed 315 Department of Education hearing in March 2010.

NH Home Schoolers PROTEST! UNPRECEDENTED! bill to restrict homeeducation

·               ForMyLibertyNH video of the HB 368 rally in January 2010 outside the Capitol.

1000 homeschoolers mob NH state house

  • Ridley Report video of the HB 367 House Education Committee hearing in March 2009 that packed Representatives Hall.

Divided NH committee votes for dilluted homeschool bill 

  • Ridley Report video of SB 337 hearing in May 2008 which tried to add a curriculum requirement and reverse the 2006 bill, HB 406.

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