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OPPOSE HB 471, relative to the duties of school boards.

OPPOSE HB 471 as amended. This bill enables PACE.

The amendment 2433h, replaces the bill and reads as follows:

1 State Board of Education; Duty to Provide Education. Amend RSA 189:1-a, II to read as follows:
II. IN EACH SCHOOL OPERATED AND GOVERNED IN ITS DISTRICT, the elected school [boards] BOARD shall be responsible for establishing the structure, accountability, advocacy, and delivery of instruction, THE CURRICULA AND COURSES TAUGHT, THE ADOPTION OF EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS THAT MEET OR EXCEED STATE MINIMUM STANDARDS, ****AND THE METHODS FOR ASSESSING PUPIL PERFORMANCE IN GRADES 3-8 FOR THE YEARS IN WHICH A STATEWIDE ASSESSMENT IS NOT ADMINISTERED TO ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF RSA 193-C ****[in each school operated and governed in its district]. To accomplish this end, and to support flexibility in implementing diverse educational approaches, a school [boards] board shall establish, in each school operated and governed in its district, instructional policies that establish instructional goals based upon available information about the knowledge and skills pupils will need in the future.

Districts may choose the "methods of assessing" so long as they remain in compliance with RSA 193-C where all statewide assessments require approval by the Department of Education. How is that local control? It's just yet another bait-and-switch to enable PACE!

Under RSA 193-C:8 the Legislative Oversight Committee must: “Review the development and implementation of the school performance and accountability program set forth in RSA 193-H to ensure compliance with state and federal law.”

Federal law, ESSA, requires the Department of Education to approve all alternative assessments used in place of the statewide assessment. Districts will be baited and trapped.

Please vote to KILL HB 471 as amended.

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