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Are you willing to help?

The NHFFE is entirely dependent upon volunteers. If you have the time, please share your skills and expertise to help families in New Hampshire. Please volunteer today!

Public Relations

NHFFE needs of people who can assist in drafting press releases and otherwise promoting the NHFFE. 


No Political Action Committee can survive without raising the money necessary to fund candidates. If you have experience raising money or have ideas to share, please volunteer.  

Candidate Questionnaires and Reviews

The deadline for state candidate filings is early June every two years.  For example, candidates running for office in November 2010 will need to file by June 2010.  

NHFFE needs to rate hundreds of political candidates based upon their voting records or answers to questionnaires and determine which candidates support family involvement in education.  

Political Action

Using our rating system NHFFE will support good candidates as well as work to defeat candidates, who undermine family involvement in education.  Volunteers are needed statewide to assist in this effort in the upcoming elections. 

Membership and Outreach

If you have an interest in helping us build our membership and setting up outreach tables at country fairs and political events throughout New Hampshire, please contact us.

Please volunteer by contacting us at

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